Des chiffres un visage - Bertrand Gaudillère

Des chiffres un visage - Bertrand Gaudillère

Des chiffres un visage - Bertrand Gaudillère

On dénombre en France 24 centres de rétention administrative qui « accueillent » 32 268 retenus dont l'âge moyen est de 32 ans. Le nombre total d'expulsions sur l'année s'élève à 29 796 pour un coût total de 533 millions d'euros, soit environ 27 000 euros par expulsion.France has 24 administrative holding centers "accommodating" 32 268 detainees; the average age is 32. Over one year ...

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Exposition - Bertrand Gaudillère - Je ne suis pas un chiffre. Public · Hosted by Collectif Item, MJC Ménival and Hugo Ribes. clock. 30 Dates · Mar 7, 2019 - Apr 6, 2019 · UTC+01. Event ended about 1 year ago. pin. MJC Ménival. 29 avenue de Ménival, 69005 Lyon, France. Show Map. Hide Map ...

Bertrand Gaudillière’s work questions the notions of margins, norms, integration, equality, acceptance and struggle and from 2007 to 2011, he took particular interest in the issue of undocumented migrants in France. His work on the theme was projected and then exhibited as part of the Visa pour l'image festival, and was also the subject of a book: "Des Chiffres, Un Visage" (Libel editions). Bertrand Gaudillère works with the national and international press and …

But just as you start to think you cannot take any more funerals, any more mutilation, any more misery, there is Bertrand Gaudillère’s ‘Des Chiffres, Un Visage!’, a heart-warming account of a Lyon community’s campaign to save an Angolan ‘illegal’ from deportation (still on-going) from the country where his children were born (below).

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