Hedge funds story - Steven Drobny

Hedge funds story - Steven Drobny

Hedge funds story - Steven Drobny

Steven Edward Drobny is an American hedge fund advisor and published author. He is the founder of Clocktower Group, a consulting and investment advisory business focused on fundamental discretionary global macro and commodity hedge fund strategies. Drobny is the author of The Invisible Hands: Top Hedge Funds on Bubbles, Crashes and Rethinking Real Money and Inside the House of Money: Top Hedge Fund …

Steve Drobny launched Clocktower Group in 2007 as a funds-of-funds business granting institutional investors access to innovative asset managers. In the decade since, Clocktower Group has expanded its reach and brought together a diverse team of professionals with broad experience across the alternatives space. Our business now extends from hedge fund seeding and advisory services to …

 · Shelves: non-fiction. In this book, Steven Drobny interviews primarily macro hedge fund managers who actually finished the year up during the Great Financial Crisis of 2008 (two of them were marginally down), while 'real money' managers like pension funds, endowments, insurance companies, etc. suffered huge losses.

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Drobny Global Advisors (DGA) is a member organization that offers independent, opinionated and aggressive global economic research & strategy to an exclusive group of global market participants. The DGA membership group includes global macro hedge funds, proprietary traders, global asset managers and institutional investors from all over the globe covering a broad variety of mandates. Idea ...

 · Buchvorstellung: The Invisible Hands: Hedge Funds Off the Record - Drobny, Steven das man hier kaufen kann: http://amzn.to/1QKMMSX.

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